Laundromat Services

We have partnered with the nation’s top laundromat innovator to bring a new experience to the multi-housing industry.  Currently we have a coin-free Laundromat that allows our residents and guests gain a new level of convenience at their finger tips.

Building For the Future

Our laundromat is known for its modern and clean blueprint.  It boasts of having indoor air conditioning for the convenience of our residents and guests.

We are working on creating and developing a cutting edge approach to how communities and laundromat services engage.  Coming 2022, Aloha will be providing on property laundromat services, don’t want to go to the laundromat? No worries we will come to you.

For those of you who want to use the laundromat, it is an experience we hope that is fun, inspiring and engaging.  In 2022 our laundromat will boast of an entertinament centre with the tools to be able to iron and finish your clothes to your liking.  Not only do we want you to have a pleasurable experience, we want your experience to be one that is engaging and a place where friends can congregate to accomplish your laundry tasks.

This is the cleanest Laundromat, it is amazing how well Aloha takes care of their equipment.

Laundromat House Rules:

  • Hours of operation: 8am – 8pm.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages inside or outside of laundromat.
  • Do not leave clothes unattended…if the washer or dryer is no longer operating and no one is around, clothes will go into a trash bag and put in the lost and found.  Please be considerate to others.
  • Laundromat parking is for laundromat use only…others will be towed.
  • Do not overload machines.
  • Clean your lint from dryer.
  • Don’t go wild on detergent.
  • Toss your trash.
  • Clothes left behind will be tossed.
  • Use common laundry sense.