Community – Nothing Less

Being part of a community is the building blocks of a healthy society.  Community gives us a sense of belonging, and helps us feel like we are a part of something greater than ourselves.  

For way too long, community has become less and less valuable in the American society because of its individualistic entitlement.  Yes, this is what makes the American Dream so powerful, the ability to take on the world with ideas and dreams, and that no one, literally no one can get in the way of it.  

What research has shown over time is that this ‘I’ mentality has a mental and emotional impact on people.  It leads to the deterioration of health both physical and emotional, which has long term consequences financially and societally.  Being sick or unhealthy leads individuals to seeing the world with a cup half empty rather than half full.  We need everyone to see the upside to life, and that requires a healthy body and mind.  

So community, we individually have a responsibility to participate in a healthy way, and community has a responsibility collectively to help advance goals, ideas, and dream.  Together we are much more powerful than alone.  The question I will leave, can our differences be the bridge of goodness and advancement, rather than the obstacles that lead to a zero-sum reality? 

What choice will you make?  Together as a collective body we will and can serve each other on a much higher basis.  Community is essential, and it’s positive energy can bring and lead everyone towards achieving amazing results that lead the longevity of our community.  

Please reach out to our office and schedule a time to meet with leadership on discussing opportunities to volunteer and get involved.  Your community needs you, we need you, and together we can.