Being Spoiled is a choice

When we hear of someone being spoiled, too often it’s negative.  

I believe being spoiled is a mindset, it is a choice that we ourselves make and how we see the world.  

Being spoiled is not having more than you need, or getting everything we see.  That is called selfishness, and the mistreatment of ourselves and others. 

Being spoiled is an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of opportunities.  It allows us to say we have enough and much more, thank you!  Yes, we always need to strive for more growth, but look around and take the opportunity to be grateful!

I am spoiled because I am so lucky to have a wonderful family, wonderful partnerships, incredible friendships, it is a choice I have made to be thankful for what I am blessed with, no matter where I am at in life.  

If I say, we are spoiled to live in Florida, what does that mean?  Do we focus on the negatives, or do we focus on the awesome things that are in front of us.  The weather, the activities, our community and much more…

I really believe we are spoiled to live in Florida, and much more in the community of Sarasota.  We have the opportunity to stay active and healthy with the wonderful weather by enjoying the outdoors, and as a community hold each other accountable to take advantage of and be thankful for what we have in front of us.