Market & Cafe

Aloha has a fresh fruit and vegetable market, along with a healthy oriented cafe.  We provide a unique experience for all of our residents and guests to create a healthy environment within their community, that can help them achieve more.

Aloha’s market and cafe

Inspired during Covid-19 to provide our residents and guests an alternative, we are providing our residents and guests in community food services or the opportunity to walk to their market and cafe.

It is a wonderful opportunity to engage with community, and enjoy the healthy and flexible environment that Aloha has to offer. This is truly a unique experience, supported by the best food in town.

Our leadership is committed to instilling and applying a long term vision for our community, creating amazing amenities and opportunities for now and far into the future.

This is amazing, a fresh market and cafe on our communities finger tips…blown away.

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Community garden is coming in 2022…looking to participate please reach out to our office today.